Hi, Maristella,

I don't know if one exists for Standard, though I recall seing one in the
past, of the mimeographed variety, that was for a segment of it.

But I'll send you free their own catalog, "Section 1. Talent Arranged
Alphabetically,"   " revised 11/52" on some loose-leaf pages.  

You might check with LOC and Voice of America to see if they have more
volumes of this.

Does it go to you, c/o the Music Library at UNT?

Steve Smolian

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Greetings, and Happy New Year! I checked the ARSCList archive, so I'm
reasonably sure I'm not duplicating a prior question; I'm trying to confirm
or rule out whether discographies exist for the Standard Program Library and
for the Camel Caravan radio series. In addition, does an updated version of
Garrod and Korst's 1986 discography of Vaughn Monroe exist?

Many thanks for your assistance on any or all of the above!