Hi Rebeca, 

The Biblioteca de Catalunya in Barcelona received a set of nearly 80 cassettes with activities organised in the seventies last century by the Orfeó Català de Mèxic institution, containing some lectures and speaches on the exilees in Mexico (not necessarily children). Most of them are in Catalan, but there are also some Mexicans speaches. All of them are already digitized. If you think that they could be of any interest, please go to (*eng). You can order reproductions from each bibliographic entry. 

Radio Barcelona, set in 1924, did not keep its own outputs until late 1940's. But there are some interviews (in Catalan or in Spanish) made to exilees on their return back from Mexico (*eng?/dexili/dexili/1%2C3%2C6%2CB/exact&FF=dexiliats+catalunya&1%2C2%2C/indexsort=-)  

I am not sure of the source, but I've seen a documentary on this subject on TV with original footage (no sound either?). Maybe the Filmoteca Española ( or the Filmoteca de Catalunya ( could help. 

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona organized a site with some information on oral resources but, unfortunately, most of their links are broken (

Maybe you already know Ronald Fraser collection: in the Municipal Archive in Barcelona. Again, the oral sources are from the seventies and more focussed on inner experiences from Spain. 

Good luck.

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Asunto: [ARSCLIST] Archival AUDIO (or tape with Audio) of the Spanish Civil War

Hey folks,

I'm producing a pilot for WNYC (New York Public Radio) on the children
refugees who fled Spain for Mexico during the Spanish Civil war of the

I'm looking for news clips about the war. Or any sort of audio, really.
English or Spanish. There's lots of video footage but no audio, which is no
good for radio.

Any leads appreciated.



Rebeca Ibarra

Assistant Producer, WNYC

Cell: 917 337 0572

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