Paul's point is well taken. A digital speed readout renders the whole line frequency issue moot. But, if you don't have a digital readout, I strongly recommend the KAB SpeedStrobe:

Go to this page:

Click on Accessories and scroll down until you find the SpeedStrobe, then click on that link. The SpeedStrobe has markings for most standard "78" speeds, plus 33 1/3 and 45. It comes with a hand-held LED light source, which digitally generates a precise 60 Hz illumination, so it can be used anywhere, regardless of the native line frequency. The LED is bright red and cuts through any amount of ambient light in the room. 

As Crazy Eddie used to say, "Get it NOW!"



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On 1/20/2019 3:54 PM, Steve Smolian wrote:
> Is there a formula to covert a specified playing speed at 50 cycles to 
> the playing speed at 60 cycles?  Example: 75 rpm at 50 cycles, what 
> speed at 60 cycles?

No formula; If possible, play it at the same speed it was recorded at, regardless of line frequency.


> Steve Smolian

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