Do you have access to a Dictaphone machine?  The pickup in the machine
(at least the larger gray machines from the 50s)... crystal, which gives a line-level output that can be plugged directly 
into an unbalanced input on a mixing board.  Whenever I have to transfer 
a Dictabelt, I just play it on one of my machines that way.  The speed 
varies from machine to machine so you'll have to adjust the pitch after 
you transfer it.

David Breneman
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Von: "Mickey Clark" <[log in to unmask]>

Hello-The closest think I have seen to the Dictabelt is the pre-grooved 
Victor blanks and filmophone - those both used something I seem to remember 
as a "spade"shaped stylus - quite a few years since I have had one of these 
so I might have the wrong name for it - Mickey

From: Jeff Willens

I’ve been trying to research the ideal stylus size and shape for playing 
back Dictabelts (specifically blue 1960s belts. I assume there is no 
material difference between the red and blue belts). I can’t find anything.

I don’t want a combination that’s so heavy or sharp that the embossed groove 
is damaged. Any guesses?