Carl wrote: "It's easier to spend money than to acquire knowledge."

Or as I have written, "Spending time earns greater rewards than spending

Hope that helps. 😬

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> Are these samples sourced from George's four-arm TT? That's a Technics
> 1500 (IIRC) with Jelco 850 arms. What cartridge were they using? That thing
> is ingenious for 78s, but maybe not for LPs. Good TT and arms, but the
> plinth and its support enter into the calculation, too.
> Record players are acoustical systems and everything interacts. The table
> the turntable sits on effects the sound, so whatever is built up needs to
> be tuned as a system. If you intend to use a 1200, you might look into
> getting one modified by KAB. MM cartridges, with easily replaceable
> styluses, is a practical choice, but you need one(s) suitable for your
> tonearm. The Audio Technical VM line looks like a good match at reasonable
> cost. The VM series includes a mono cartridge (VM610); same weight as the
> VM500 stereo models, so you'd only have to swap headshells to change from
> stereo to mono. A lot of this depends on your workflow.
> I agree with the others that getting the TT right is job one. There are
> numerous preamps that would be suitable, and bought second-hand not too
> costly. A to D is a bit more difficult. Don't go too cheap. It's possible
> to make a device that converts and does USB for under $500, but judging by
> the one I worked with (MOTU), the sound quality probably sucks. I'd look
> for something $1000+. There aren’t many that are just 2-channel, but I'd
> try for that. Lynx Hilo includes D to A at high quality, which you need to
> properly judge your work. The RME ADI-2 Pro also looks killer.
> All this would be easier with plenty of money, but even having to
> compromise, you can come up with a system that will suit the volume of work
> and give worthwhile results. It's just harder to arrive at given a tight
> budget. It's easier to spend money than to acquire knowledge. Ask any
> marketer. Or audiophile. 😊