I am looking for the original studio master of this side of DECCA
40006a in order to certify the identity of the pianist on the
recording, presumed to be Elliott Carpenter (as suggested in ref: Rye,
Howard, “Elliot Carpenter,” Names & Numbers 31, (2004): 3-7.) This
is part of my interest in the subject found here:

I have already been through the Lib of Congress music collection via a
private and LOC-credentialed researcher. L3218 was not forwarded by
Univ Music Group in their recent donations to LOC. The researched
auditioned the studio master for L3219 for hints and or spoken names
to help identify.
From his papers archive at the Schomburg Center at NYPL, I know that
Carpenter has one tax record from DECCA for Q3-4 1943 for what appears
to be a double session at LA (segregated) local 767 rates.

Any lead or insight you can provide would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Bob Wallace

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