Please join the LITA/ALCTS Authority Control Interest Group at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Seattle, WA, for three stimulating presentations during our program.



Janis Young, Library of Congress


Janis will be giving her always excellent LC update.



Rosemary Groenwald, Mount Prospect Public Library

Rachel Jaffe, University of California, Santa Cruz

Netanel Guinn, Library of Congress


The OLAC Video Game Genre Vocabulary


OLAC (Online Audiovisual Catalogers) has long been looked to as an organization providing guidance for cataloging audiovisual items. Its new resource, the OLAC Video Game Genre Vocabulary, offers the cataloging community a video game specific genre vocabulary that may be applied to video game titles. The vocabulary is fully cross-referenced and includes authoritative sources to corroborate the usage of the genre term as applied to video games. Learn about the process undertaken to develop and implement the vocabulary; hear more about the terms themselves; and gain an overview of the video game genre vocabulary resources on OLAC's website.



John DeSantis, Dartmouth University

Miloche Kottman, University of Kansas

Lisa Robinson, Michican State University

Casey Cheney, Backstage

Candy Riley, Marcive


Panel discussion of Authority Control for Electronic Collections


Electronic resources make up the bulk of what many libraries add to their collections each year. We acquire most of these resources in collections, often consisting of thousands of titles. This makes gaining authority control over their contents difficult. The panelists will discuss the challenges of doing authority work for these with the discussion guided by questions about the challenges of this work, including successful strategies and pain points. Audience participation is strongly encouraged.


Please feel free to stay and join ACIG for our business meeting following the program.


Martha Rice Sanders, ACIG Chair

Innovative Interfaces, Senior Consulting Librarian


Lisa Robinson, ACIG Chair-Elect