Hello Steve - Services such as Tunecore and other aggregators  charge a fee 
to list an album - I believe about $29.00 per year, then I'm sure charge a 
percentage of sales.

I used to have downloadables through Amazon's Create Space, which has been 
phased out in favor of Amazon Media On Demand.

I am uncertain whether Amazon Media on Demand will be offering downloads - 
it seems that that is in the future but I wouldn't count on it soon.

My concern is that vendors would be forced to cherry pick their inventory - 
rejecting underperforming albums.

The yearly charge for my inventory would be just under $9,000.00 per year - 
with no cost to the aggregator - just profit.

I wouldn't go with one of these if there is a charge for each item. Adds up 
fast in costs and some of the most important albums might be also the least 

I wouldn't want to be forced to make a decision to suppress any of my 
catalog - just my 2 cents-Mickey

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Selling digital files for downloading

Is anyone selling downloads of digital files of old recordings through
independent third party services?

I'm particularly interested in such services available to U.S. citizens
outside the U.S.

I just read through a summary of the English copyright law and, unless I
misread it, everything 1948 and before is now public domain there.  It seems
to say that even if you are a citizen of another country, the copyright law
of that country only applies up to the end of period of the relevant English

Is there a template to aid in listing such items?

I'm not a lawyer, just a greedy fellow.  Any other greedy folks out there
with information?  Names of services?  Experiences?  Payment issues?

Steve Smolian