Hi, Paul,

Was this the same song that ABC Television turned into the
"You're the 1" promotion? I can't look for it, but I may have a copy of 
that somewhere. I recall a silver/chrome pin in the shape of a big "1" 
and a black "abc" meatball on it.

On another note, is this the Mike Settle who wrote "Settle Down" and 
Judy Collins recorded it on "Judy Collins/3?"




On 2019-02-21 3:53 p.m., Paul T. Jackson wrote:
>      Doing a piece of memoir, I looked up a former  acquaintance, the 
> composer Mike Settle, and found this:
> "In 1971 Settle sang lead on a song which was distributed as a cardboard 
> cut-out record (version #2) attached to the back of hundreds of 
> thousands Post <> Sugar Crisp 
> <> cereal boxes: "You Are The 
> One" by the Sugar Bears 
> <>, a studio 
> project involving Settle, producer Jimmy Bowen 
> <>, Kim Carnes 
> <>, Baker Knight 
> <>, and others. An album, 
> /Presenting the Sugar Bears/, and three singles were released on Big 
> Tree Records <>, with "You 
> Are The One" eventually peaking at #51 on the Billboard 
> <> pop chart in April 
> 1972.^[4] <>
> I'm wondering if any on ARSC collected such cardboard recordings?
> Paul Jackson
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