Hi, Steve,

For private clients, I often provide a raw copy of the disk with 
semi-appropriate EQ and then a final copy with all the cleaning bells 
and whistles. I have not played with Cedar for a while, and have never 
owned it, but I suspect that on something like you have neither Cedar 
nor iZotope RX will provide a miracle.

Hearing the original usually makes them happy for what I could do.

Actually, I'm doing that with a tape now--that's horrid and the person 
who recorded it knows it and she was pleased what I could resurrect.



On 2019-02-03 5:24 p.m., Tim Gillett wrote:
> Hi Steve, getting those particular worn acoustic disc recordings to 
> sound great on ANY system, speakers or headphones, sounds like a tall 
> order to me. Perhaps a note should be attached to the final mp3 files 
> stating the age of the recordings and the lack of good, unworn copies.
> Working with poor recordings can be disheartening when we know ahead of 
> time that they will never sound great, and that probably the ordinary 
> listener will not be impressed.  Sometimes I try to explain to a 
> customer how much *worse* the final result would have sounded if  it had 
> been produced without the necessary  equipment and skill.
> Tim Gillett
> Perth,
> Western Australia
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