It╣s a work song (you can hear hoeing - I think - somewhat off
microphone), rather than a gospel song, led by John Brown. The file card
for band 2720-A-1 lists the singers with him as Lonnie Thomas, Willie
Howard, Paul Perkins, Allen Reid, Joe Brown, Dawson Johnson, and James
Richardson. Some or all of them are probably on this recording.

The tune is very similar to the one Robert Johnson used in îLast Fair Deal
Gone Down╣, which also contains elements of complaint/protest, notably the
line îMy captain╣s so mean on me.╣ At 2╣17▓, the Florida convicts sing îIf
you cry about a nickel, you╣ll die about a dime,' which is in the Johnson

Can you post what you and the class have transcribed, please? I don╣t have
time to make a transcription from scratch, but may be able to fill in gaps.

Chris Smith

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>Hey all,
>Working with a class of 8th graders on some music from the Library of
>Congress. There is a song called WE DON'T HAVE NO PAYDAY HERE that we are
>having a hard time transcribing and there is no place to find other
>references to it. My gut says that it is based around another song (or
>songs) that if we could identify, we would get clues as to some of the
>lines that are currently hard to figure out.  Here is the song:
>Would love help unlocking this mystery.