On Thu, 31 Jan 2019 at 09:15, Adrian Pohl <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear colleagues,

at last year’s SWIB conference (SWIB18) the lobid team offered a
workshop “From LOD to LOUD: making data usable”. In the workshop,
participants created JSON-LD from RDF and indexed it in Elasticsearch
using a subset of the Bibframe works dataset published in May/June 2018.
(Thank you, LoC, for publishing it!) As byproduct of the workshop, we
created an index for the whole works dataset and means to create
visualizations on top of it with Kibana.

Today, we finally managed to publish a blogpost about this:

We invite everyone interested to play around with the index and Kibana.

While working with the dataset, we discovered some errors and other
things that could be improved in the Bibframe works data. We collected
those things in a separate paragraph at the end of the post as feedback
to the Library of Congress:

Thank you for sharing this, Adrian! This is great.

I tracked down the likely source of the "instrumentType" typo in the marc2bibframe2 XSLT conversion scripts, and put together a pull request at - hopefully that will help.