Forthcoming TGJ V15 N1, Spring 2019Forthcoming - TGJ Volume 15, Number 1,
Spring 2019
‘Data Librarians Speak Out on Grey Literature’

Contents - ISSN 1574-1796

Editor’s Note

The data librarian: myth, reality or utopia?

Silvia Giannini and Anna Molino, Institute of Information Science and
Technologies, ISTI-CNR, Italy

Research Data Management: What can librarians really help?

Yuan Li, Willow Dressel and Denise Hersey, Princeton University, United

Data Management and the Role of Librarians

Plato L. Smith, Sara Gonzalez, and Jean Bossart, George A. Smathers
Libraries; University of Florida,
United States

Librarians’ Role in GAO Reports

Meg Tulloch, U.S. Government Accountability Office, GAO, United States

Published electronic media are becoming Grey

Yui Kumazaki, Satoru Suzuki, Masashi Kanazawa, Katsuhiko Kunii, Minoru
Yonezawa, and Keizo Itabashi,

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Measuring Reuse of Institutionally-Hosted Grey Literature

Ayla Stein Kenfield, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Elizabeth
Kelly, Loyola University New Orleans; Caroline Muglia, University of
Southern California; Genya O’Gara, Virtual Library of Virginia;

Santi Thompson, University of Houston; Liz Woolcott, Utah State University,
United States


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