You could also do it this way:


    <part type="pages">



Or, since extent is repeatable, you could do it this way:


        <extent unit="pages">
<extent unit="pages">


But again, whether Zotero will interpret this correctly I have no idea. 


So, being curious, I went hunting, and it turns out that there is a Zotero/MODS mapping example out there (from this page click on “Field mappings for most Zotero export types are listed here” which takes you to then click on “MODS.xml”).  Within the MODS.xml file, each <mods>….</mods> chunk is an example of how to do a different type of source.  If you look at the section for journal articles (<genre authority="local">journalArticle</genre>) the example it gives is this:



   <detail type="volume"><number>Volume</number></detail>

   <detail type="issue"><number>Issue</number></detail>

   <extent unit="pages"><start>Pages</start><end>Pages</end></extent>



This suggests to me that simply repeating the <extent> might be the right way to do it, for example:



   <detail type="volume"><number>12</number></detail>

   <detail type="issue"><number>5</number></detail>

   <extent unit="pages"><start>23-30</start><end>Pages</end></extent>

   <extent unit="pages"><start>61-66</start><end>Pages</end></extent>






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Instead of <start> and <end> (which assumes a single start point and a single end point, since only one of each is permissible), I think <list> is a better semantic match for this:


<extent unit=”pages”>

   <list>22–27, 91–92</list>



Of course, whether Zotero interprets that correctly is a different question altogether.  I’d




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what is the MODS XML code supposed to be for an article with split pagination? Say the article is pages 23-30, and 61-66. 


We are trying to make sure the export for Zotero is correct and we can't find any exemplars. 

for more details see comments here:


all the best,

- Hugh