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Dear all,


Expand your understanding of book history during a Rare Book School course this summer. Our five-day, intensive courses on the history of manuscript, print, and digital materials will be offered at the University of Virginia, the Thomas J. Watson Library at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Grolier Club, Harvard University, and Indiana University, Bloomington.


Among our thirty-seven courses, we are pleased to offer the following pertinent to Asia scholars:


v  H-85: The History of the Book in China to 1368, and H-145: The History of the Book in China since 1368, both taught by Soren Edgren (of Princeton University)


v  H-160: The History of Books and Printing in Korea, taught by Beth McKillop (of the Victoria and Albert Museum)




See attached file for program details.


With kindest regards,


Laura Eidam, Ph.D.

Program Manager
Rare Book School

at the University of Virginia
Phone 434-243-3948
RBS main office 434-924-8851