When it is necessary to identify a person by two professions or fields of activity in a qualifier, are these terms entered into a single $c or in separate subfields?


For example, there is this name authority record by LC, where the two :

     040  DLC ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc DLC
     100  1_ Wang, Wei ǂc (Law teacher) ǂc (Writer on industrial laws and legislation)


Are there separate $c subfields because "Law teacher" is technically an occupation and "Writer on ..." is a field of activity?


There are a lot of existing authority records where the professions/occupations/etc. are enclosed in a single subfield, such as:

     100  1_ Smith, Simon ǂc (Teacher and poet)


The MARC authority format allows for repeated $c subfields, but the example given shows different types of usage (different types of titles and other terms):



0_ $a Black Foot, $c Chief, $d d. 1877 $c (Spirit)


I cannot find instructions guiding us to a preferred method.  I do not see an example in RDA (and LC-PCC PS)  Should the Smith example above be?


     100  1_ Smith, Simon ǂc (Teacher) ǂc (Poet)




Ed Kazzimir