The Genre/Form FAQ ( talks primarily about LCGFT, but has a possibly relevant section:


Q35: Can topical headings (tag 150) be used as genre/form terms in bibliographic records (tag 655) if there is not a corresponding genre/form authority record (tag 155)?

A:  The Policy and Standards Division realizes that some libraries would like to use genre/form terms for disciplines in which LCGFT authority records have not yet been made (e.g., literature).  The use of topical LCSH headings as genre/form terms is allowed for those disciplines, depending on the meaning of the topical heading.


LCSH headings (tag 150) assigned to a 655 field in lieu of an authorized LCGFT term should to be coded with second indicator 0 (zero), indicating that they are authorized by LCSH.


If the scope note says that the heading is used for works of a given type, then it can be used in a 655 field.  If the scope note says that a heading is used for works about (or on) a given topic, then it cannot be assigned to a 655 field.  If there is no scope note, then the cataloger should use his or her best judgment.


By this guideline, if there is an authority record for the LCSH string, and it indicates it can be used for works _of_ a given type, or the cataloger concludes that it can be, then I think it can be used in a 655.  But if it is a constructed string, I would be dubious.  Constructed strings are not generally used for works _of_ a given type unless it has a $x subfield.  If it has a $x subfield, then I think the 655 should be based on the $x subfield, not the entire string.


I doubt that there are very many LCSH strings that would be appropriate as a genre term.  Do you have some examples?


                                                                                Steve McDonald

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Subject: [PCCLIST] LCSH used in 655 as genre headings: can we subdivide?


Hey all,


I know that LCGFT headings may not be subdivided—“neither topically, geographically, chronologically, or by form,” as says the Genre/Form Terms Manual.


But if an LCSH heading is used in a 655—with second indicator 0, of course—is it legal to subdivide it?  I’m thinking not but wanted to ask.




Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University