On 3/27/2019 2:04 PM, Martin Fisher wrote:

 > Specific question example.  If I'm using a High Shelf (or Low Pass 
filter) and want to approximate a 10 KHz Rolloff of 12db and have the 
variables of "Frequency", "Gain", and "Q" with which to work, how do I 
achieve it?  My guess is set "Frequency" to 10,000, "Gain" to -12db but 
what about the "Q"?  And will it give me anything resembling what I'm 
going for?

Use a 6dB/octave low-pass filter with a -3dB frequency of 2595Hz (that 
frequency comes from Gary Galo's software). 6dB/octave filters don't 
have a Q.

Incidentally, a "high shelf" is a different animal from a low-pass filter.


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