Hi all,

I've had a couple of these types of microscopes and here is my $0.02:

My main complaint is the focus adjustment which, is way too difficult to 
operate at useful magnifications. My answer to this problem is to use a 
wooden coffee stirrer on the focus ring which provides some leverage and 
allows for more precise adjustments at higher magnifications. The one 
listed has a 2MP camera and I have found that resolution to be barely 
adequate. I currently use one that has a 5MP camera and that seems to be 
just enough. More would be better but the cost is significantly higher. 
Know that, on the provided stand, you are not going to be able to 
document a flaw on the disc that is anywhere near the the middle or the 
label. In fact, the stand is generally useless anywhere near a 
turntable. Additionally, the higher the magnification, the closer the 
microscope has to be to the object being viewed. In order to view a 
stylus in detail on the current microscope I use, (A Celestron) the 
stylus has to literally be inside the microscope shield. Not sure about 
the one being discussed. For viewing or documenting issues that exist on 
the surface of a disc, I have cemented a rubber "O" Ring to the clear 
shield of the microscope. This allows the microscope to be placed 
directly on the disc without fear of damage to the grooves. Know that it 
does not take alot of magnification to view a record groove, especially 
a wide format groove. 50 to 150X is plenty. I often use a 10X loupe 
before dragging out the microscope. Viewing the surface wear of a stylus 
is another matter which is where the higher magnifications are useful. I 
have yet to figure out a way to view a tape recorder head that is 
installed on a deck with a digital microscope. Really useful though when 
the tape head is uninstalled. I've used mine for viewing the head gap 
while re-lapping.


These gadgets are really handy for for viewing up close and saving a 
picture of what you are looking at..


Quality. Don't expect Bausch & Lomb precision or optics. You get what 
you pay for.


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 3/27/2019 8:34 AM, Gary A. Galo wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Is this the microscope you have?
> At 19.99 it's a steal, if it works well.
> Thanks,
> Gary
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> I have a DEPSTECH digital microscope which I bought to examine styli.
> It's USB and does a beautiful job.  I'll try to examine the grooves that
> way too.
> Thanks.
> Ben
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>> Microscope? There are inexpensive ones now.
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>>> Hi.
>>> Thanks.
>>> The records appear near mint, though I have no way of insuring that
>> they're
>>> not distorted anyway.
>>> Regards,
>>> Ben