My first suggestion would be to make sure the labels are not throwing 
the disk off balance. This can cause playback issues.

Next insure the data side is free of as many contaminates as possible. 
We use RTI disk resurfacing machines here to resurface any disks that 
have contaminates/scratches, etc.

Closely inspect the disk data layer for any abnormalities. We had a 
batch of disks here a year ago where the data layer literally 
cracked/split in different places on the disk causing very thin fissures 
(Sony DVD-R). The top and bottom protective layers were unaffected.

For disk recovery, we like Isobuster. The program is excellent and has 
saved many a disk for us.

Also try recovery with Isobuster in several different DVD/computer drive 
combinations. Some may read the data better than others.

The fact that some disks play for several minutes, to a half hour before 
the error rate gets too high might be a sign that the disks were burnt 
improperly in the first place. If the glue that holds the paper label to 
the disk is the culprit, one would think that the entire disk would not 

Try playout in several standard DVD players (not computer drives) and 
see if you have better success playing the disks. It was a long time ago 
but I think I remember doing this for a batch of disks that were 
problematic and then digitizing the content from the output of the DVD 
player. Not optimal, but at least you have captured the recording.

An excellent report done by George Blood for the Library of congress is 
The report covers many programs and practices for disk recovery.

Let me know if any of this helps....


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On 3/3/2019 3:27 AM, Shai Drori wrote:
> Has anyone had success rescuing video content from a recordable dvd with a
> label on it? A client brought in a series of dvds of interviews done about
> 15 years ago on dvd. Apparently the labels have corrupted the data somehow
> and none of my players or computers can rip or play a complete interview.
> Some will play the first few minutes, some even half an hour but errors do
> set in. Any ideas or tricks hardware software options we can explore?
> Content is irreplaceable and most important.