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All of the CD-Rs that I used paper labels on are going or have gone bad. It would appear that the adhesive contains a solvent that eats through the plastic and damages the reflective layer. Once they're gone, I have found no way to retrieve them. I'm quite sure that this is also true for DVD-Rs. I wish I could report otherwise. 

Fortunately, anything I have on discs with paper labels is a copy and not an original, so nothing is lost. At least one company issuing their material on CD-Rs - the Canadian label Immortal Performances - still uses paper labels. I back up anything I get from them onto inkjet-printable discs. In fact, I back up all commercial CD-Rs, no matter what kind of labeling they have. 

Sorry I can't be more positive. The moral of the story is that anything you record digitally, no matter how it's recorded or stored, should be backed up. 



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Has anyone had success rescuing video content from a recordable dvd with a
label on it? A client brought in a series of dvds of interviews done about
15 years ago on dvd. Apparently the labels have corrupted the data somehow
and none of my players or computers can rip or play a complete interview.
Some will play the first few minutes, some even half an hour but errors do
set in. Any ideas or tricks hardware software options we can explore?
Content is irreplaceable and most important.
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