Please contact Stage Door Records of London.  They seem like the kind of CD label that would / should be interested.


STAGE DOOR RECORDS :: Original Cast Recordings and Vocalist Albums<>
Stage Door are pleased to present the CD debut of two British studio cast recordings of the iconic Hollywood movie musicals 'On The Town' and the 'Broadway Melody' series.Recorded in 1959, the studio recreation of 'On The Town' represented the first time the iconic film's songs had been preserved on record.. Conducted by Geoff Love, the recording features Dennis Lotis, Lionel Blair and Shane ...


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Ray Bourbon - Advice

I'm reaching out to members of ARSC that might be familiar with
archival reissues of cd material.

You may be aware of my work with Old Time Radio transcriptions
(;;sdata=nvV9q0qPpZrz8fnc8O6Bnh24otbeyQlcsdRjBiO8gJk%3D&amp;reserved=0), but I've been working for 25
years on another research project that's drawing more of my attention.

I've been researching the life and work of pioneering pre-Stonewall
gay performer Ray (aka Rae) Bourbon.

During his long career, which extended from 1910s vaudeville and
silent movies to nightclubs in the 1960s, Ray self-published dozens of
78 rpm records and over a dozen lp records.;;sdata=RKOEzrYD9SKORjZhQJy36a3%2B8TMN2P88q7ruCyyA6Jo%3D&amp;reserved=0

In the 1990s, I networked with other collectors and got copies of most
of Ray's recordings.  While I was able to get some material direct to
digital, a great deal came from second and third-hand cassette dubs.
I uploaded the tracks to some time ago.

Recently, there has cropped up the possibility of a film project based
on my research on Ray.  At the same time, I've been networking with
collectors to get new direct-to-digital transfers of all of Ray's
known work - about nine hours worth - and am in the process of working
on audio restorations of the tracks.

Originally, I was pulling together these new transfers to donate to an
archives along with all of my original research material and
memorabilia about Ray.  Recently, with the possibility of film project
that might come to fruition, I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing a
commercial release of all or some of the material.

The recordings range from the mid-1930s to 1965, and show Ray's
routines and songs evolving over time.  I know they would be of value
to researchers on pre-Stonewall Gay performers and culture and to fans
of this type of material, but I'm wondering if the interest might be a
little broader than that because of the breadth and depth of the

I'm interested in getting some advice from list members that have done
reissues, mainly about the logistics involved and possible forms a
release might take, either from an existing reissue label interested
in the material to a Kickstarter to a digital only release.

Please contact me off-list if you could offer some opinions and advice
on this and I can send you some background info and some questions I'm
mulling over.

Many thanks!



Randy A. Riddle
Mebane, NC;;sdata=IgPUNpYaux%2B4NzYPT6tsmD%2Fb1yZtE7prha4d41JiIwo%3D&amp;reserved=0
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