The Association for Recorded Sound Collections is pleased to announce the following publications to the ARSC YouTube Channel:

From the ARSC Technical Committee . . .

The ARSC Audiotape Tutorials

Produced by the ARSC Technical Committee's Mark Hood and featuring ARSC Member Richard Hess, with support from the National Recording Preservation Board.

-- Common Track Formats for Quarter-Inch Magnetic Tape :
-- Types of Magnetic Tape and Associated Problems :

From the 2018 ARSC Conference . . .

"A Methodology for Digitizing Wax Cylinders," by ARSC Members Melissa Widzinski and Daniel Figurelli

Visit the cylinder digitization effort at Indiana University's Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative and see the Endpoint Cylinder Machine in action in this remix of slides and sound from a 2018 conference presentation.

Thanks to all who contributed!
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