This appears to be one of a group recordings made by Max Hampe at Constantinople during 1906 for the Gramophone Co. and then pressed through the reciprocal arrangement with Victor in the USA.

The performer, as she tabulated on the recording sheets, was named as 'Miss Victoria' in a previous 1905 session and as 'Victoria Nammun' in the 1906 session - I'm assuming this is one and the same person. In any case it just can't be Victoria Hazan unless she was a very high achieving 9-10 year old.

Victor 63965 contained two pieces recorded by Hampe from the 1906 expedition as follows:- 

1545r Yeni kurd havassi - Karchouda kurd evleri   X-103169 
1547r Ichim daglari [Hedjaz Charki – Eyil Daglar]   X-103170

Still doesn't answer the question of whither she was or was not a Sephardic singer of course, although that information may well be contained in one of the early Gram. Co or Victor catalogues/supplements or through the Turkish press of that time.