There was a box set titled  Too Hot for Radio that included the Chase and Sanborn excerpt with an intro by Don Ameche,204,203,200_.jpg

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Hi folks,

Hannah here from PBS American Masters. We are currently working on a documentary on twentieth-century siren Mae West. The film is government funded and will air nationally on PBS later this year.

A big thanks to those of you in the community who have helped me so far!

We are still looking for the following audio:

-          1969: Don Ameche and Edgar Bergen did an interview with local Washington station WRC. They reminisced about a scandalous 1937 skit on the Chase and Sanborn Hour, where Mae had played a saucy, disgruntled Eve in the garden of Eden. We already have the audio from 1937, but are interested in hearing Ameche and Bergen's reflections.

-          June 20, 1930: Mae West arrived in Pasadena or Los Angeles, and held a press conference to announce her arrival in Hollywood. She was there to shoot her first movie role, Night After Night, with George Raft. I know it's unlikely that audio exists from this press stop, but if it does, what a jackpot that would be! Also interested in any radio broadcasts from the 1930s where Mae is interviewed or radio hosts are talking about Mae being hot stuff / saving Paramount from bankruptcy

-          Anything with Duke Ellington (musician), George Zukor (Paramount president), George Raft (actor) or Marlene Dietrich (actress) talking about working with Mae West.

-          Anything with Walter Winchell, Rona Barrett or Jimmie Fidler, or other radio gossip commentators commenting on Mae West

If you have any of the above, or any related material, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your help, and happy Friday,


Hannah Meagher
Co- Producer: Mae West
American Masters
825 Eighth Ave.
New York, NY 10019
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