MARC to BIBFRAME specifications and conversions updated


New editions of the MARC to BIBFRAME specifications and conversions are now available.  The specifications were formerly simply numbered R1, R2, etc., but with this release the complete set of specifications are reissued <> and each is called v.1.4, in synch with the version number of the conversion programs for which the specifications were written.  The conversion programs are also reissued as v.1.4 <>.  The compare tool has been updated to employ the v.1.4 conversion <>.  For those who use Indexdata’s Metaproxy, Metaproxy 1.15.0 now uses the latest 1.4 BIBFRAME conversion.


The changes in the specifications are indicated in red in each specification.  In summary, the changes include new logic in handling of language codes and variant titles; usage of a few additional bflc: vocabulary additions; the ability to look up many more terms to supply URIs in the data; and miscellaneous corrections. 


As usual, comments are welcome with respect to errors and/or access issues via [log in to unmask] or the BIBFRAME listserv.


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