We got below error when we try to load specific batch 

[2019-03-18 20:33:52,953 INFO chronam.core.batch_loader] creating symlink /data3/ndnp/batch_nbu_2018sample_ver0001/ -> /opt/chronam/data/batches/batch_nbu_2018sample_ver0001
[2019-03-18 20:33:52,953 INFO chronam.core.batch_loader] loading batch: batch_nbu_2018sample_ver0001
[2019-03-18 20:33:53,306 INFO root] attempting to load marc record from
[2019-03-18 20:33:53,476 INFO chronam.core.title_loader] loading titles from:
[2019-03-18 20:33:55,156 ERROR chronam.core.batch_loader] unable to load batch: HTTP Error 404: NOT FOUND
[2019-03-18 20:33:55,156 ERROR chronam.core.batch_loader] HTTP Error 404: NOT FOUND
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/chronam/core/", line 165, in load_batch
    issue = self._load_issue(mets_url)
  File "/opt/chronam/core/", line 262, in _load_issue

Hence tried to load received new marc.xml file using below command but unable to load.

$ load_titles /opt/chronam/data/lib/worldcat_titles/lccn/2018270203.xml

Error message:
[2019-03-21 13:24:52,963 INFO chronam.core.title_loader] loading titles from: /opt/chronam/data/bib/worldcat_titles/lccn/2018270203.xml
[2019-03-21 13:24:53,031 ERROR chronam.core.title_loader] Code , not found in language table.
[2019-03-21 13:24:53,099 INFO] indexing new titles

Could you please suggest, this is only to specific  title and able to load remaining titles successfully without any issue. Could you please help us to fix the issue.