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 Wisconsin is not a c3.  We've been working for years with fiscal receivers who are, though we are going to lose our current fiscal receiver very soon.  I trust we'll get creative enough to find solutions to that quickly......but, ultimately, we'd love help with becoming a 501c3 ourselves, if that is some of the assistance that you're looking into providing in this process, Guy.

Thanks for everything you do,

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The Nebraska Center for the Book is a 501(c)(3) designated organization.


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Subject: are you a 501(c)3?


All—I have been discussing with a contact at the National Endowment for the Arts on how affiliated centers could apply for programming grants. You have to be a 501, I was told.


Can you tell me whether you are or are not a 501©3?


As I mentioned the last time we met, I want to organize the centers into regions, to encourage more collaboration, but I was also thinking these regional groupings might be organized as a 501, in order for them to apply for NEA funding.


Please let me know your thoughts as well re becoming or being (if you already are) a 501.


I want to invite NEA to make a presentation on applying for grant funding.







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