Thanks, Netanel.  I figured it was in there and I was missing it.


The key is the phrase “even if the particular symbol is itself in the character set.”  Since I could easily reproduce an exclamation point, I was thinking maybe I had to, based on RDA 1.7.5.




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Hi Pete, 


I'd apply the LC-PCC-PS for 1.7.5, Signs and Symbols


The sixth instruction reads: "If a title consists solely of a sign or symbol or one or more marks of punctuation, provide an equivalent in all cases, even if the particular symbol is itself in the character set."


so I'd provide:


245 _ 0 [Exclamation point] : $b antologia de contos fantasticos


500 _ _ The title proper consists solely of an exclamation point.




Netanel Ganin




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On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 12:59 PM Wilson, Pete <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hey all,


I’ve got a book the title of which is just an exclamation point.  There is a subtitle, “Antologia de contos fantasticos.”


I can’t find any instruction in RDA for how to handle transcribing the title.  I suspect it’s in there but I haven’t found it.


Is there something in there that I’ve missed?




Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University