I think that 400 for War and Peace (and many similar records in the NAF) violate the principle to "Use the established form of components in 4XX variant access points." (DCM Z1 4XX) In other words, everything up to the last subfield should be in the established form.  Because Tolstoy. War and peace is a reference on LCCN n 82109074, no further subfields can be used on that VAP.  It redirects you to Tolstoy, Leo, $c graf, $d 1828-1910. $t Voĭna i mir. $l English.

John Hostage

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FYI, here's an example of a real life NAR that includes $s in the translated title (but in this case, the translated title differs from the original):

010      no2013052138
040      WaU ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc WaU ǂd WaU
046      ǂk 2007 ǂ2 edtf
100 1    Tolstoy, Leo, ǂc graf, ǂd 1828-1910. ǂt Voĭna i mir. ǂl English ǂs (Bromfield)
377      eng
381      Bromfield
400 1    Tolstoy, Leo, ǂc graf, ǂd 1828-1910. ǂt War and peace ǂs (Bromfield)
500 1    ǂw r ǂi Translator: ǂa Bromfield, Andrew
670      War and peace, 2007: ǂb title page (translated by Andrew Bromfield)