Are you sure "Levy, Bill, $d 1930-" isn't responsible for all three books on the undifferentiated authority? One, The Knockoff, is a 1995 novel, but this account of the novel indicates its author published eight previous non-fiction works and has a connection to Cleveland, where the sports writer Bill Levy published several books, including two about Cleveland teams. The other two titles on the undifferentiated authority are sports books. It's at least plausible (and to me persuasive) that these are all by the same person.

I agree that revising the AAP on the differentiated authority for "Levy, William V." to "Levy, Bill, $d 1930-" is the way to go as part of updating it to RDA. I'd probably move all three 670s from the undifferentiated authority to this one and add "400 Levy, William V., $d 1930-" 

That leaves two former AAPs, the two names without dates. I'd be okay with adding "Levy, William V. $w nnea" (suppressed because it's too redundant in a public index with 'Levy, William V., $d 1930-"), but for such a common name, I'd be reluctant to add "400 Levy, Bill", even believing that the only authorized use of that heading may have been for one person. The chances of another undated Bill Levy on bib records getting snared by such a 400 are pretty strong. 

I'd also add the "667 Formerly on undifferentiated name record: no 95043726" and ask LC to delete the undifferentiated authority.


On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 3:53 PM Hostage, John <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
One minor quibble: I don't think we need the final "a" in subfield $w in this case.

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Dear Kristin :

Hi -- yes, in this situation, I believe you actually have two NACO practices supporting your 1XX change for this NAR:
  1. As Jessica points out, the stated preference(s) of an author almost always takes precedence ;
  2. Also, I believe you mentioned that the differentiated NAR for Mr. Levy (no2006122877) has not yet been updated to RDA; when NACO Libraries update pre-RDA NARs to RDA, the expectation is that before doing so we would check the author's publications to determine the most commonly-used current form of name. If, as you say, Mr. Levy has been publishing as Bill Levy rather than William V. Levy since 1995, that would seem to be another argument in support of establishing his name in this form. (NOTE: And because the name forms are quite different, I would include the previous form of name as a 400 cross-reference with subfield $w nnea) 
Everett Allgood

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It is always okay to change someone's heading based on their personal preference. So if you have corresponded with the author and he told you that he goes by Bill it's completely fine to change his heading. Even if it was already coded RDA you would be able to make this kind of change that is due to the author telling you their preferred form of name.

Jessica Janecki

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I am having a mental block so I wasn’t sure what was appropriate for this situation.  


Upon doing research and talking to the author I discovered that 2 of the items on the undifferentiated name authority Levy, Bill (no 95043726) were written by Levy, William V. (no2006122877) (author’s real name) but under the name of Levy, Bill. Now the author has written under the name Bill Levy since 1995 and I would like to change the 100 field from Levy, William V. to Levy, Bill, 1930-. I thought since Levy, William V. hasn’t been coded to RDA that it might be okay for me to make the changes I want but I wasn’t sure due to it being Friday.


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