"lsch" is a typo, which the program has identified as an invalid code.

Adam Schiff

University of Washington Libraries

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Sent: Sunday, March 3, 2019 10:42:35 PM
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Subject: Re: Errors in NARs
If a term in one of the lc special lists is also in lcsh, why is it wrong to put lsch after $2 ?

Gene Fieg

On Sunday, March 3, 2019, Nancy Sack <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Gene, I'm not sure which lcsh terms you're referring to?

On 3/3/2019 10:18 AM, Gene Fieg wrote:
Nancy, God knows we all need as much as help as possible in creating authority records.  But I have one question about the last section of your e-mail.  If those specialized terms are also in lcsh, why is it wrong to use lcsh after $2?  Is it because, for instance, that if we are creating a genre form, a 155 field, we should use the genre/form terms?

Gene Fieg
No longer a NACOer, but still interested

On Sat, Mar 2, 2019 at 8:43 PM Nancy Sack <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hello, NACOers,

This is my periodic plea to use Gary Strawn's Authority Toolkit, at least to validate name authority records before you submit them. There is a version that works with Connexion and a standalone version.

The errors I describe below are from real authority records. Thousands of errors like these appear in new and updated authority records every month. About 20% of all records submitted to the name authority file contain errors of some sort.

Errors may be lurking in records before you update them. It's easy for humans to miss these errors. Let the program find them for you.

The toolkit will report missing subfield $d before dates in personal names
It will notice if $d is not preceded by a comma when there is no other ending punctuation.
It knows that subfield $q is not preceded by a comma
Nor is $c when it's enclosed within parentheses
It will remind you that cataloger qualifiers begin with a capital letter
    |c (poet)

The toolkit will remind you that US states and Canadian provinces are abbreviated only when they are used as qualifiers and that the correct qualifier may not be obvious
    Monterey (Ca.)
    Miami (Florida)
    Toronto (Canada)

It will automatically correct most place names entered in qualifier form.
    Washington, D.C.
    Denver, Colo.

It will notify you if a date is entered incorrectly
    1951-07-22 |s 19 |2 edtf
    |f 1442~ |g 1487,1488
    |s 1593~ |t edtf   
    |f 1927- |2 edtf
    |f 1849-1910 |2 edtf
    |f 20145-03-07 |g 20145-03-08  |2 edtf
|s 11-15-2018 |t 11-18-2018  |2 edtf
It will notify you if the dates entered in the 046 field is different from the dates that appear in $d and in 670 fields.
It will notify you if the 046 subfields do not match the tag of the 1XX field

It will question whether existing 678 field data should be moved to a 670 field and it will assist you in moving them
    Rev.; Chancery, Diocese of Gary
    conductor; |a b. 1947

The toolkit will let you know that a diacritic is incorrect and in most cases, it will even correct the error automatically
    Universitat Autožnoma de Barcelona |2 naf
    Universitež de Montreal
|2 naf

It will catch errors in punctuation
    Royal Opera House (London, England |2 naf
    Physicians. |2 lcsh

It will change commas to full stops when they appear between corporate bodies and subordinate bodies
It will report commas that appear between names and titles and within portions of a title

The toolkit will question terms that may be initial articles entered before titles

It will notify you that a term matches a cross-reference in a given thesaurus
    Writers |2 lcsh
    Adventurers |2 lcsh
    Oxford University |2 naf
    Children's fiction  |2 lcsh
    College professors |2 lcsh
    United States. Congress. House of Representatives |2 naf
    Public policy |2 lcsh
    Juvenile fiction
|2 lcsh

It will notify you when a term matches nothing
    Dong hua zheng fa da xue |2 naf
    Authors Composers |2 lcsh
    Feales |2 lcsh
    Lafayette College (Easton, Pa.) |2 naf
    Universidade de Porto. Instituto de Antropologiža |2 naf
    Oldenburg (Germang)
    Histrorians |2 lcsh
    Massachusets |2 naf
    Conductors |2 lcsh
    Phoeniz (Ariz.)
    |f Amsterdam |2 naf
    Blitar (Indonesia) |2 edtf
    |c Country |e City (Country) |2 naf
Fictitious character |2 lcsh
    Singer |2 lcsh
It will notify you when a term matches a reference record
    Workshops (Seminars)

It will notify you when the thesaurus identified is incorrect
    046:  : |f 1974-10 |2 lcsh
    United States |2 lcsh
    Dominicans |2 lcsh
    Graphic designers |2 lcsh
    Novels |2 lcsh
    Saint Petersburg (Russia) |2 lcsh
    Artists |2 lcgft
    Information technology--Technological innovations [$2 naf]

It will inform you when the capitalization is incorrect
    Armed forces |2 lcsh
    Civil Engineering |2 lcsh

It will notify you when a language code is incorrect
    377:  : |a jap
    377:  : |a Finnish
    377:  : |a [language code]
It will notify you when the subfield $2 code is missing or incorrect
    Novelists |a naf
    Ethnologists |2 lsch
    Poets d2 lcsh

It will report mistakes in tags and indicators
    510:2 : |w r |i Founder:
    376:  : |a Males |2 lcdgt
    374:  : |a eng
    510:2 : |w r |i Member:
    043:  : |a PR9639.4.S78
    410:1 : |a Science Corps

It will report matches between a 4XX and 1XX field
It will report matches between a 5XX and a 4XX field
It will report duplicate 4XX fields

It will report mistakes in relationship designators
    |w r |i Broader affiliate body:
    |w r |i Alternative entity:
    |w r |i Hierachical superior:
    |w r |i Precedessor:

    |w r |i Alternate idenity:
|w r |i Alternative identity:

It will also save you time:
Let the program add diacritics for you
Let the program add entries for hierarchical superiors
Let the program enter "rotated" references for personal names.
Let the program change most variants of male/men to Males
|2 lcdgt and female/women to Females |2 lcdgt
Let the program add full stops and qualifiers to initialisms and acronyms for corporate body variants
Let the program change $w a and $w b to Predecessor and Successor so the terms are always spelled correctly
Let the program supply the correct $2 for you when your term matches naf, lcsh, lcdgt, lcgft, or lcmpt

I implore you to install the toolkit and use it. Gary has written extensive documentation for configuring the program. Gary will happily add features and/or fix bugs when you report them.



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