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The recording equipment was usually located on the other side of a wall or
curtain. In the acoustic period, it often was a curtain, as the equipment
was almost always mechanical. From 1925 on, electrical recording had a
wider bandwidth and dynamic sensitivity which required segregating the
recording technicians and equipment from the performers. A bell or buzzer
usually sounded to start a "take". Decca was not begun until 1932. Other
respondents may be able to supply photos.


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> Could someone please advise me if during the 20's and 30's 78 recording
> sessions, was the recording equipment located in the same room as the
> musicians? Or, was there a separate "control room"? I am specifically
> interested in the Decca studies, New York City as I am involved in a film
> short project and the music director maintains the "control room" came
> later.
> Thank you.
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