Do the links actually open to downloadable books? There are a LOT of books
that (generally) that appear to be online, but require a "membership" and
allegedly these memberships may be prompt at taking money but reluctant to
deliver services OR they make it very difficult to cancel. I've recalled
seeing threads about this in the past.

When searching for other materials, sometimes books come up on very strange
URLs that, in turn, direct to such "services". so I would be very
suspicious about (made up URL now) as having a
current book about discographical research, especially when Amazon and the
publisher believe it is only available in print form.

BW, Darren Ingram

On Sun, 31 Mar 2019 at 23:10, Paul T. Jackson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>      Some of you who have written books, might want to check the
> Internet under title and author, and see what comes up.
>      It seems some sites have one of my books and one of our writers
> association books online as a free download PDF. One says it's the
> Norwegian edition, another says it's a German audiobook, and
> 'literatura-portuguesa-PDF. Neither of the books in question were in
> languages other than English...nor has anyone other than been
> allowed to distribute these.
> Paul
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