Good Afternoon,

I'm a reporter and radio producer in New York City in the early stages of
researching a podcast/audio documentary project drawing on the Valachi

A colleague suggested folks on this list may have helpful leads or
suggestions about where to look for additional archival video /audio of the

Below is a brief description of the hearings and a list of the archival
sources I have already consulted. Any further information or insight you
all could provide  would be much appreciated.


Rowan Moore Gerety
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*Joseph Valachi* was a longtime operative in the NY-area mafia in the
1930s-1960s. In 1962, facing a death sentence in federal prison, he became
an FBI informant, and the first member of the "Cosa Nostra" to break the
code of silence. In September and October 1963, he gave extensive testimony
before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Senate Committee
on Government Affairs. Those hearings continued intermittently through the
following year, though I'm not sure whether Valachi testified again after
November 1963.

The hearings were covered extensively in the news, and became an important
inflection point in the federal approach to combating organized crime.

*I have so far found limited footage in the following places:*

*The Paley Center for Media
*The UCLA Film and Television Archive
*The CBS News Archive (thru Wazee digital)
*Library of Congress Dept of Recorded Sound  / NBC News Radio Archive.
*ATA Archive

There are a few long clips, but most of it is in 1 or 3 minute snippets,
and I have done very little research on radio archives in particular so

According to the US gov't transcripts, the testimony was quite extensive,
clustered in two sessions almost a year apart:
*Sep 25, 27 / Oct 1,2,5,8,9,10,11,15,16,29 1963 AND July 28,29,30, Aug 4-5,