Here is a link to scans I made of an article from the New York Times dated Sunday March 9,1952.!Ak74tjL5BDQWqWP-4Kf6xejcXk1q 

The article is about changes in recording technology over the years and includes photos of two acoustic recording sessions (one with Nellie Melba and one with a small unidentified ensemble) There are also photos of Fritz Reiner and Sir Thomas Beecham recording in the "modern" style, and a sidebar where Reiner talks about the challenges of recording.
Perhaps there are better copies in the NYT archive?

-Matt Sohn

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 Date: Monday, April 22, 2019, 11:34 AM
 Could someone please advise me if during the
 20's and 30's 78 recording
 sessions, was the recording equipment
 located in the same room as the
 musicians? Or, was there a separate
 "control room"? I am specifically
 interested in the Decca studies, New
 York City as I am involved in a film
 short project and the music director
 maintains the "control room" came
 Thank you.
 Chet Falzerano
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