On 4/11/2019 9:21 AM, Karl Miller wrote:
>   While not totally pertinent to your note...I am reminded of the Everest release of Grofe's Atlantic Crossing. The original release was on a London LP When released on Everest, it was at least a half step sharp...50 versus 60 cps? At any rate, the Everest release made the narrator sound like a cartoon character...which was not all that inappropriate as the story line was pretty ludicrous.

It probably wasn't a line-frequency issue; 60Hz is 20% faster than 50Hz, 
which is more than 3 semi-tones, which would have sounded ludicrous.

> This is not tape drift- a problem encountered on old tape masters- the Ampex
> 350 was prone to this problem- when splicing together the end  of one eel
> with a segment from the beginning of another or if done on two recorders
> should they have been running at slightly different speeds..

Which they usually were;  Ampex 350s (and 355s and non-servo AG-440s) 
would notoriously run at different speeds at the head and tail of a reel.
I encountered this issue of the Folkways LP "Music and Songs of Norway"; 
every track was a different speed. Fortunately, a lot of them included 
background 50Hz hum, which I was able to use as a reference. The record 
sounds a lot better with the speeds corrected.

I had a similar problem with the Vanguard LP "Mississippi John Hurt's 
Greatest Hits", which was actually a live concert recorded ay Oberlin 
College. I'd always thought this was one of Hurt's more lackluster 
albums, as if he was having an off-night. I found some 60Hz hum on that 
recording, which turned out to be significantly slow. I assume that the 
recorder which captured the original performance (it belonged to the 
campus radio station) was running a little fast, yielding proportionally 
slow results on Vanguard's cutting-room playback decks. When I corrected 
the speed so that 60Hz was really 60Hz, the performance was similar to 
what I heard on Hurt's (post-"rediscovery") studio albums.


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