The advert speaks of "disc" motors. I'm no expert but I think they mean 
printed circuit motors which are quite thin from front to back.  Neodymium 
magnets  allow for smaller sized motors for the same power these days. The 
Thorens advert speaks of an external power supply which of course saves 
space in the case, and then of course today's electronics can be made much 
smaller than previously.

An early "compact" reel to reel machine which could handle 10.5" reels was 
the  Revox A77. I suspect with modern motors and electronics it could be 
made even thinner and lighter but of course the size of the 10.5" reels 
limits the minimum dimensions of the front panel.

As an old timer,  when I have to move my machines or service other peoples' 
there are times when I'd love to work with smaller, lighter machines!


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The machine in the picture is no "thicker" than the turntable.
What kind of motors would fit in such a small case?  I'm not
aware of a recent revolution in motor design.  Surely they
aren't using turntable motors.  Or maybe...

David Breneman
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