Hi Chet,

If you or anyone else would like a scan of that Caruso caricature, let me know. I'll scan it, upload it to WeTransfer, and post the link.


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Thank you for the information Dennis. A photo would be great.

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> The control room has been a given almost since recording started - even
> field recordings would be done with a partition or curtain between
> performers and equipment. Post-1925, the need to monitor the incoming
> signal would make a separate room a necessity.
> On 22/04/2019 17:34, Chet Falzerano wrote:
> > Could someone please advise me if during the 20's and 30's 78 recording
> > sessions, was the recording equipment located in the same room as the
> > musicians? Or, was there a separate "control room"? I am specifically
> > interested in the Decca studies, New York City as I am involved in a film
> > short project and the music director maintains the "control room" came
> > later.
> >
> > Thank you.
> > Chet Falzerano
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