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> OK I'm going to be a total spoilsport and kill off the speculation that
> these recordings could ever be Rudolf Steiner the Austrian philosopher.
> Rudolf Steiner or more correctly Rodolphe Steiner was a bass who
> participated in the the festival of French and Spanish Trade Unions held at
> the Trocadero in Paris on the 6th June 1931. This had a musical element
> that included:-
> 'Une belle partie artistique complétera cette manifestation, avec le
> concours de l’orchestre symphonique, sous la direction de M. André Cadou;
> de Mlle Marie-Louise Oger, violoniste virtuose, 1er prix d’excellence
> international ; M. Edinger, pianiste, 1er prix du Conservatoire ; M.
> Carloff, de l'Apollo, baryton ; Mlle Wilhelmine Coudray, de la Sootété des
> Concerts du Conservatoire ; M. Rodolphe Steiner, basse chantante, ainsi que
> d’autres artistes de valeur.'
> It would seem then M. Steiner made some impression and was whisked away to
> make a few recordings at the Pathé studio. they may of course be terrible
> and the records were then quietly/quickly withdrawn due to minimal sales.
> It would be interesting to delve into the musical elements of celebrations
> by socialist-communist-unionist supporter both in France and Spain when the
> Second Spanish Republic was established in April 19,1 and whether it has
> any bearing on the lieder Steiner recorded, or indeed if the other
> musicians were supporters for the cause or just paid to entertain.
> I still have zero idea who Steiner is - or even if his name is Rudolf,
> Rudolphe or Rudolpho as he could be German, French or even Spanish for all
> I know.
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