No. WERM listed plenty of minor performers. Clough and Cuming certainly
weren't infallible but they tried hard nonetheless. The question of the
spelling of the first name ought not to perplex anyone familiar with the
recording process at the time, when the artist's name might be self-suplied
but also might come from the manager or the A&R person at the session.
Mistakes were common and often not corrected. Whether the Schubert songs
 seemed likelier to do better in the German market than the domestic could
also have influenced the choice.


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> Also, your contention concerning publicity for a dead Rudolf Steiner should
> consider the addition to this discs in the WERM where not every singer was
> entered, only those with notoriety, no?
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> > What you have added here is phenomenal.  Absolutely impressive.  Please
> > clarify.  Is your contention Pathe made a mistake in spelling?  A French
> > record company using a German spelling of a common name?  Does this mean
> > the disc was not pressed in France?  Why would a German spelling be
> chosen
> > over a French one of that name?  And on 2 separate discs such a mistake?
> > Something is not right.
> >
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> >> Sure, you can find him noted in the large advert at the foot of the page
> >> for 'Une Grande Fete Syndicale Franco-Espagnole'
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> I'm sure the Pathé Supplements that the records was first advertised in
> >> might have some biog but I don't have these handy - There is nothing
> else I
> >> can find - although I admit I haven't looked too hard due to a spot of
> >> gardening, hoovering [vacuuming] and general weekend stuff.
> >>
> >> Jols
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