Are you your organization's "metadata expert"? Have you ever had to
create a metadata schema, or fiddle with one? Do you wish you had better
tools for all of this?

DCMI's new Application Profiles Interest Group (DCAP-IG) [1] wants to
make it easier for content experts without programming experience to
create and test machine-actionable application profiles for their metadata.

To enable this, we need a common language -- a core vocabulary -- for
the basic components of an application profile and commonly used
constraint types.

(Note, this effort will be coordinated with BIBFRAME profile work, as
they are already highly compatible.)

This vocabulary can serve as the target for the development of a range
of authoring options, from simple spreadsheet templates to automated
scripts in more complex and expressive programming and constraint languages.

Starting with a preliminary draft vocabulary [3], based on prior DCMI
work [4], we are forming working groups to define requirements and scope
the needs space, complete the core vocabulary, consider implementation
workflows, and post reusable snippets on the Web [2].

Please bring your perspective to the new DCAP-IG so that we can create
something broadly useful, extensible, and representative of current
thinking in the metadata community. Join now![5]

Karen Coyle
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