Carol - I myself have over the years used the Thai postal system to send small boxes of books to the States, though not recently.  For non-LC supplied material, I now use Thammasat's Book Center/Store.  After my reporting one time that we received a damaged box, they now double-box, which works fine.  

We also receive serials from Nibhon, but I'm not directly involved in that, nor have I been informed that there're any problems.


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Subject: Question about receiving books via Thai post

While brainstorming about ways to get books to the US from Thailand, we raised the possibility of using the postal services. This may not be an option in the long run, but we want to explore every option.  Our question is for those who purchase books outside the LC program.  Have you experienced problems with boxes of books shipped by vendors who use the Thai postal system to the United States. 


Your feedback on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Carol L. Mitchell, M.L.S., Ph.D.

Library of Congress, Southeast Asia Office

American Embassy, Jakarta


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