Job Title: LIBRARIAN (Detail)

Agency: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Job Announcement Number: 19-CFPB-100

Open & closing dates: 03/27/2019 to 04/05/2019

Pay scale & grade: CN 53

This position is located in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Operations Division, Office of Administrative Operations. In the Librarian capacity, the individual provides the vision, direction, and leadership necessary to ensure the fiscally sound and continued operation of the library.

As a Librarian (General Skills), you will:

  *   Develop and implement an operating plan for the library that includes plans for the allocation and oversight of resources and a financial management and reporting system for income and expenditures. Establishes long and short-range library information technology acquisition plans. Coordinate the acquisition of economic, financial and other research databases requested by CFPB functional offices. Provide advice regarding the use, storage and sharing within CFPB of research databases and sets; hardware and software applications; electronic and print tools and collections; and new technologies to serve the information resource needs of library users.

  *   Serve as Contracting Officers Representative (COR) for library contracts. Execute major library acquisitions and projects, including print and electronic collections; large economic and financial research electronic databases; hardware and software applications; and other information tools to establish optimal library services. Negotiate and evaluate the administration of contracts and the acquisition of approved library resources, which frequently involve obligation of significant resources. Coordinates final acquisition and budgetary decisions with appropriate CFPB officials.

  *   Oversee the maintenance of a central repository for all contract/procurement records and manages the compilation of reports as required and directed by the Procurement Office and other key stakeholders. Conceive of and oversee development of tracking tools to ensure resource spending is within budget, and communicates status of funding to key stakeholders.

  *   Provide resource troubleshooting support for library customers and manages and ensures database and resource access in accordance with contractual agreements, Service Level Agreements, and CFPB policy.

  *   Create and execute an annual calendar of both recurring and ad hoc training sessions led by vendors and performs training sessions for library customers.

Jeanine Joiner
Librarian | Operations
Office: (202) 435-9520 | Mobile: (202) 570-3632

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