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Sent: Monday, April 08, 2019 8:35 AM
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Subject: Carla Hayden AAG Atlas Award




For those of you not able to attend I am attaching a photo of Dr. Hayden receiving the AAG Atlas Award. This is the highest award given by the American Association of Geographers, once every two years. Dr. Hayden’s speech focused on digital and educational programs at the Library and how the AAG could partner with the Geography and Map Division to further geographic education, map literacy and the strength of the LoC map collections. She talked a great deal about the Story Map program, mentioning it as one of the highlights of the last two years and how it fit in with her vision of the future library. She also discussed the Geospatial Hosting Environment, new visitor experience, life-long learning and her “shameless” pursuit of an audience to inform about the greatness of the Library.  At many moments in the speech spontaneous cheers came from the audience, who at the end of the talk gave her a raucous standing ovation.


The AAG Atlas Award comes with a 10,000$ prize which Dr. Hayden has donated to the Geography and Map Division as a thank you for all of its work and its “amazingly future directed vision” and also to further its programs with the American Association of Geographers.


All the best.





John Hessler

Specialist in Computational Geography &

Geographic Information Science


Geography and Map Division

Library of Congress

Washington, DC



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