NLS Operations Alert No. 19-23


DATE                     :    April 19, 2019

TO                        :    Network Libraries

FROM                   :    Stephen Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT               :    Patrons in delinquent status in MOC system


Based on network feedback, NLS has confirmed a problem with the Magazine on Cartridge (MOC) system. MOC did not properly credit a number of accounts with returned cartridges, causing those accounts to go into delinquent status.


NLS is working to rectify the problem.


In the meantime, library staff who have patrons who are distressed over the interruption in magazine service should mark cartridges as lost in the MOC system to resume service.


The  accounts will be credited once the problem is fixed.


For more information contact:


Stephen Prine

Assistant Chief, Network Division

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