I hadn't noticed that--and it wasn't my addition to the AR.  But apparently some do make an occupation out of it:

010  no2018097423
040  WaBeW ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc WaBeW
046  ǂf 1917-10-09 ǂg 2014-11-06 ǂ2 edtf
1001 Howard, Harris ǂq (Leroy), ǂd 1917-2014
370  ǂe Bellingham (Wash.)
372  Anthropology ǂa Pacifism ǂa Peace--Citizen participation ǂ2 lcsh
373  Western Washington University ǂ2 naf
374  University and college faculty members ǂ2 lcdgt
374  Pacifists ǂa Conscientious objectors ǂ2 lcsh
375  Men ǂ2 lcdgt
377  eng
378  ǂq Leroy
670  Peacemaker, 2012: ǂb title frames (Howard Harris; a retired anthropology professor, lived in Bellingham until his death in 2014; at the time of his death, he was one of the last living conscientious objectors from World War II; in 1966 he, his wife Rosemary and their friend Colleen Dickenson started the Peace Vigil in downtown Bellingham, which still continues today.)
670  Northwest Citizen web site, July 20, 2018 ǂb (Howard Harris, founder of the Whatcom Peace Vigil at the Federal Building during the Vietnam War, and first recipient of the Howard L. Harris Lifetime Peacemaker Award, died on Thursday, Nov. 6; Howard Leroy Harris was born on October 9, 1917; in 1966 became Associate Professor of Anthropology at Western Washington State College (now Western Washington University), and continued in this position until his gradual retirement 1986-1992) ǂu https://nwcitizen.com/entry/howard-harris-dies

      Malcolm Arnold, I'm not so sure.

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Looking at the 374, I'm wondering how someone makes an occupation out of being a conscientious objector.


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This is a recurring problem in the NAF, where dates are added to a name even though there is no need to do so under current policies.  That can cause unnecessary bib maintenance, but on the other hand, unqualified personal names can be a real pain in authority control as well.


The changes to Arnold seem to have been sparked when Arnold, M. ǂq (Malcolm) was established.  It had a 400 which was creating a conflict.  LC resolved that conflict in the standard way by adding an occupation, so now the composer doesn’t need the dates in the heading.



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The 100 field heading for Malcolm Arnold (n  79140955) has seen its $d come and go over the past few weeks.  Will there be a final decision on the matter, considering there are plenty of name-title headings that may or may not need attention as well?



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