Christine is right about alternate terminology being used a lot now. Since our cataloging department became the Resource Description Department a couple of years ago, we’ve been using “Description Librarian” in place of “Catalog Librarian.” In the last couple of years we’ve hired a Serials Description Librarian and a Monographs Description Librarian, and we should be posting a Special Formats Description Librarian position soon. (I’m still using “Catalog Librarian for X, Y, and Z” in my email sig because my official title is just Principal Cataloger now, although I’m still the cataloger for various subject areas.)





Rich Murray

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Catalog Librarian for Spanish and Portuguese Languages | Rare Books | Sequential Art

Duke University Libraries

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"Metadata" is often used in place of "Cataloger" in current job ads. If you read the full job description, a lot of the requirements and duties are the same as what would be expected for a traditional cataloger. So by limiting to "cataloger" you are probably missing relevant jobs.


We use Metadata for our cataloging jobs as a broader term that encompasses traditional cataloging. I think this is quite common. 


But there is also the expectation that the person would be involved in batchloading and batch editing of records, or working in additional metadata formats, working with linked data, etc.. Many of the skills should cross over, and someone with cataloging expertise should be able to learn the new skills. 

For example, we have a Cartographic Metadata Librarian job open:  


If the link doesn't work, go to and search for job 329837


Christine DeZelar-Tiedman  

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