They are already appearing in Class Web when they are created.  For example, I viewed this just now:


Accidents—Prevention—Study and teaching


Safety education


Accidents—Psychological aspects


Accident proneness


Accidents—Religious aspects


Accidents—Religious aspects—Buddhism


Accidents—Religious aspects—Christianity


Accidents—Religious aspects—Islam


Accidents—Religious aspects—Judaism


Accidents, Home


Home accidents


Accidents in art   (Not Subd Geog)


Accidents in literature   (Not Subd Geog)


--Adam Schiff

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Subject: Multiples in ClassWeb


To anyone who knows:

When are the new non-multiple LCSHs going to be appearing in ClassWeb? We still have multiples such as:


Animals—Religious aspects—Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

Animals—Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Food—Religious aspects—Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

Food—Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] 


Maybe many have been done already, but it just takes a long time to get around to them all?




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