It will be interesting to hear from someone at LC.  But I would rather do the opposite of what Wojciech suggests.  Let LC keep this sort of note in THEIR local catalog -- we should not need to perpetuate it Worldcat.  Especially since, once Rich enhances a record, I am sure it is no longer minimal level cataloging!

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As far as I know, when you enhance the master record you keep all relevant notes and fields that are already there. Yes, many are local notes for LC, etc. but they stay in the master record you enhance. You can delete them when you produce a records for your local library.

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Hi all,

I’ve recently run into a flurry of DLC records in WorldCat with 500 notes reading “Minimal Level Cataloging Plus $5 DLC.” They’ve probably been around for ages, but somehow I’ve just started seeing them en masse.

Are we supposed to take this note out if we enhance the record to full? I’ve seen records in which ibraries have taken the note out and others in which they’ve left it in. I tried searching LC’s website for explanations of what to do, or indeed of what “Minimal Level Cataloging Plus” even means, but couldn’t find anything.


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